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May 11, 2011

Pink blooms and green ice cream.

The weather here in Wanganui on Sunday was lovely. The autumn sun still held ample warmth and the clear sky beckoned. Brightened by the fair weather and the return of my dear hubby from a business trip, I thought that a family outing was in order. So, after attendance at Mass and a leisurely lunch we ventured forth for a little afternoon adventure.


We trotted off to my favourite local park where we ambled, enjoying the sunshine and the wild life. Dear Mr Two (nearly three) took great delight in chasing all the ducks while little Mr One looked on with much interest. I made the boys climb into trees for the obligatory photograph.


Then we took a stroll through the winter garden. This time of year can seem somewhat colour starved but the winter garden fixes that. Wanganui’s winter garden is a little gem. It’s small but sweet and a little whimsical. In fact, I found it inspiring – more on that later.


After the winter garden we routed through the aviary on our way to the children’s playground. Here we let the boys go. This a great spot to sit down and relax a little while your little ones play. There are a number of other playgrounds in town but none so well fenced. What is it about swings? Our boys love swings. Mr Two shouts ‘higher! Higher!’ and Mr one just giggles his wee heart out. I love to hear a baby laugh, don’t you?


We chased all that up with the obligatory ice cream cones. It all made for a lovely afternoon out. Get out there together when you can. Have some fun.


Here a couple of images from Wanganui’s winter gardens.

Flowers and greenery follow the curve of a pathPink blooms at Wanganui's winter gardens


P.S. Our winter garden visit has stirred the creative juices and I can feel a competition coming on. There’s likely to be a portrait session in it for the lucky winner. Watch this space for the big reveal.

March 15, 2011

We were just partying in the park.

So, we gathered in the park. The punchbowl at Virginia Lake to be precise. We found a comfortable spot under a shady tree, laid out our picnic blankets and had afternoon tea. The birthday boy, the trooper that he is, did without his afternoon nap and we heard nary a whimper. He really is a wonderfully laid back little chappie.

The babies stayed in the shade but the big kids ventured out to play a little cricket.

Cricket in the punchbowl

Here’s a photograph of the cake I made for the big day. I was inspired by an illustration from a Hairy Maclary book. I found the little flowers and the butterfly at Thistle, our local confectioner’s, where I also obtained the fondant icing and colourings. I’m quite proud of the results, but, as the photograph itself will demonstrate, I really am no food stylist.

Duck pond birthday cake

Here, Mr two year old is ‘helping’ his little brother unwrap his presents.

Boy opening a gift

What was supposed to be a one and a half our get together turned into a 3 hour ‘do’ so I guess everyone had a good time. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate. See you next time.

February 27, 2011

The one, the only $1000 Hole in One!!

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m really not that creative. This post is actually, partly, about the one and only $1000 Hole in One.

Our local primary school,  St Anthony’s, is hosting a fabulous gala next weekend! This fabulous fundraising initiative will be great fun for all, be ye 1 or 100 years old.

They have lined up:

  • a bouncy castle
  • coconut shy
  • international food court
  • horizontal bungy
  • the $1000 Hole in One
  • and many other wonderful things.

Come and join us for a fun day out.

Where: St Anthony’s School
12 York Street

When: 10am till late
Saturday, 5th March 2011

Be there or be square! (Man that’s corny ;p)

Purple and orange balloons

January 4, 2011

“All Our Babies”

On December 12th I was honoured to document the SANDS Wanganui 10th annual memorial service.

I trucked up to Aramoho cemetery where I failed to find the right spot, remaining a little lost for a full 10min – it’s not even that big a cemetery!

The SANDS committee had erected a gazebo and decorated the tables with really beautiful Christmas decorations. They had scores of balloons and cake to mark the occasion. The service proceeded with a couple of readings, a moving Welsh folk song and the recitation of a list of babies remembered there. All those babies had been stillborn or died in the neo-natal period (that’s about the first 28 days after birth).

After the main of the service had finished attendees were invited to take a balloon each and dedicate it to a baby they had lost. This being done, the balloons were released to the sky. Cake and fizzy drinks followed, and even Santa made an appearance to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Thanks to SANDS volunteers, families who lose babies have someone to lean on and talk to in a time of grief. You can find more information about SANDS at The Wanganui sands team can be contacted at

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