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October 23, 2010

How to Handle a Howler

I, thankfully, have not yet had to deal with a toddler supermarket meltdown. I believe that this is more likely due to good luck than good management.

However good my luck may have been to date, though, (or however good to me the Lord has been in this regard) it is likely to happen one day. With this in mind I took care to read Amy E. Stevens’ post Small Screaming Banshees. Forewarned is forearmed after all.

P.S. Don’t take this to mean that my children are complete angels who never throw wobblies. They’re not, they just don’t tend to throw them in public – much to my relief.

October 8, 2010

More Calendar News! Discounts!!

Now’s the time to buy your calendars on They’re offering up to 25% off:

An ‘up to 25% off Calendars’ extravaganza

It’s October! Which is pretty exciting by itself, and we’ve taken that excitement one step further by having a marvellous Calendar Promotion.

If you buy just 3 calendars, we’ll knock 15% off the price, and if you buy 6 calendars we’ll knock 25% off the price. Twenty Five Percent. That’s 1.5 years for free. Where else can you find such value?

Nowhere that’s where.

It’ll all happen automatically in your shopping cart, but you only have one

week to enjoy this

offer, (ends 11pm Thursday 14th GMT, convert to your time.) . . .

2010 is so last year.


Mr Baxter – Deputy of Date and Time, But Mainly Date

I’ve uploaded a couple of new calendars for 2011 so head on over and take a gander.


Cover of Utilitarian Calendar by Phillippa van de Steeg

A year full of things with jobs to do



Touch of Nature Calendar Cover

A year full of the colours and textures of nature


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