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September 13, 2010

Where’s the service?

Having given a glowing report of local cafe Delicious Delicatessen the other day, I now have to have a little winge – but not about them.
I don’t understand why small local businesses cannot give me tip top service. I’ve been looking for the best framer now for weeks. Everytime I think I’ve found a good one I hit a snag. What happened to that quote you promised? What’s with not answering my emails? Where’s the job I gave you weeks ago?
I will not let my valued clients suffer these delays. Consider yourselves fired!

September 10, 2010

Delicious coffee, delightful service

I took my boys out for a walk yesterday. Nothing unusual there. We found some lovely new spots to shoot at, bought the latest Little Treasures magazine (complete with $4 off Treasures Ultra nappies – yay!) , and found a nice spot to have a cuppa – Delicious Delicatessen, Victoria Ave, Wanganui.

I have to say, the service was great. The barista had a good laugh with us, asking facetiously ‘how many shots in that fluffy?’ (for my two-year old) and generally being friendly and engaging. I love that they have a good selection of quality mags to read, they stock food from my favourite baker, Devine Treats, and one of the ladies opened the door for us on the way out.

Good stuff DD, I’ll be back – with my coffee card!

P.S. The fluffy was just 80 cents!

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