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September 8, 2010

Preparing for your baby’s in-home portrait session

Baby SS at homeYou’ve found the trendiest photographer in town, had yourself on the waiting list and have just booked your appointment for a creative session for your baby. What do you do now?

Here is some advice on what your next steps for your baby’s in-home portrait session could be.

1. Talk to your photographer about what sort of portraits you would like (e.g. nude, indoor, outdoor) and which space in your house might be best to use.

2. Think about what you want to do with the finished product; for example, do you want a framed print to hang on the wall or albums for you, baby and the grandparents?

3. On the day, be sure to heat the chosen room to a temperature that baby will find comfortable if stripped down to just a nappy or onesie.

3. Choose a few outfits with plenty of colour but not too many dizzying patterns. Having a few options laid out when your photographer arrives will help you to keep your stress levels low.

4. Have a couple of your favourite baby toys and/or blankets handy. Perhaps you’d like to match them to your chosen outfits.

5. Keep a bib or dribble cloth handy to protect baby’s clothes.

6. If you’re planning to have some nude shots taken, be prepared with a towel to give baby some nappy-free time on first and/or keep baby’s nappy and clothes fastened loosely. This is helpful for avoiding red marks on baby’s skin.

7. If you expect to be in some of the frames be well-groomed. Not only will a manicure, hair-do and makeup all leave you looking fabulous in your portraits but they are also a well deserved treat for a mum such as yourself.

7. RELAX. If you’ve chosen a specialist baby photographer you can feel assured that he/she will know to expect the unexpected and will be practised at being patient. Do feel free to be yourself with your little one as baby will be more comfortable if you are comfortable.

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