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March 15, 2011

We were just partying in the park.

So, we gathered in the park. The punchbowl at Virginia Lake to be precise. We found a comfortable spot under a shady tree, laid out our picnic blankets and had afternoon tea. The birthday boy, the trooper that he is, did without his afternoon nap and we heard nary a whimper. He really is a wonderfully laid back little chappie.

The babies stayed in the shade but the big kids ventured out to play a little cricket.

Cricket in the punchbowl

Here’s a photograph of the cake I made for the big day. I was inspired by an illustration from a Hairy Maclary book. I found the little flowers and the butterfly at Thistle, our local confectioner’s, where I also obtained the fondant icing and colourings. I’m quite proud of the results, but, as the photograph itself will demonstrate, I really am no food stylist.

Duck pond birthday cake

Here, Mr two year old is ‘helping’ his little brother unwrap his presents.

Boy opening a gift

What was supposed to be a one and a half our get together turned into a 3 hour ‘do’ so I guess everyone had a good time. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate. See you next time.

March 10, 2011

First for our second

Our baby has just turned one! So it’s time for a first birthday party for our second little chap.
We set a date for a party, invited our guests, and then I got so caught up in other things for a while that the planning came to a halt! But, panic not, I’ve got it all sorted . . . or, most of it . . .
I was stumped for cake ideas until just a few days before the party. Inspiration did strike eventually, though. A theme idea emerged and I found a promising cake recipe courtesy of I pretty sure I’ll be breaking some quite important rule by serving my guests a recipe I’ve never tried before – but I’m brave, and they’re unsuspecting.
I wrote a list of food and beverage ideas. Then I talked to hubby and revised said list of food and beverage ideas. The next day I rewrote the list and shopped for supplies. It’s a picnic party so we’re not producing anything elaborate (aside, perhaps, from the all important cake). I suppose I should be thinking about attractive ways to present it, hmm . . .
We have family members driving down, and flying in, to celebrate with us. I feel fortunate that we can see so many of them on the day. I hope they know that we appreciate it.
I hope to have  a replacement camera in my hands on the special day, so I hope, accordingly, to be able to share the day with you via a few well selected photographs.                     Watch this space.

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January 21, 2011

My birthday is coming up shortly and my Mum just asked me if I’d thought what I might like. So, I got to thinking . . .


A buyer for our house. It really is time to move on.

Plane tickets to Christchurch. I haven’t seen my relatives there for a shamefully long time.

$100,000 or a winning lotto ticket.

A Canon 5D Mark III with 100mm macro lens.


I’m not hard to please . . really :p

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