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March 28, 2011

So, show me your colour scheme . . .

What colour is your furniture?

What shades are your walls and your curtains?

If you’re looking to invest in a family portrait to hang on your wall, these are questions you need to ask yourself.

I know what you’re thinking: “what have my curtains got to do with photography?”. Well, you’re going to hang those photographs somewhere aren’t you? If you choose a location and clothes that don’t work with your decor, you’re going to get those portraits home and note, with immense frustration, that you don’t have anywhere to hang them. If you don’t hang them, you can’t enjoy them. Simple really.
Imagine that your home decor is all in autumn colours – russet reds and burnt oranges for instance. Then imagine that you all wear beautiful pastel colours, well coordinated of course, to your session. The two won’t mix well.

So, in what sort of tones is your house, or the room you want to hang your portraits in, decorated?

Once you’ve asked yourself this, and found the answer, you need to discuss the answer with your photographer.

One of the reasons I like to meet clients in their homes is that it gives me an opportunity to see their living environment. I can get a feel for their style and their decor. All this information helps me to advise them on the most suitable locations for their session and give them more tailored clothing suggestions. I can also visualise and develop a concept for their session that will work better for them. In short, it takes some guess work out of it for me, and helps me to give my clients a more satisfying result.

So, show me your colour scheme . . .

March 12, 2011

A photo for today.

Just a photograph for the day. Mr one year old has been sitting very happily in the sand pit, all by himself, playing.

Baby in the sand pit


January 4, 2011

“All Our Babies”

On December 12th I was honoured to document the SANDS Wanganui 10th annual memorial service.

I trucked up to Aramoho cemetery where I failed to find the right spot, remaining a little lost for a full 10min – it’s not even that big a cemetery!

The SANDS committee had erected a gazebo and decorated the tables with really beautiful Christmas decorations. They had scores of balloons and cake to mark the occasion. The service proceeded with a couple of readings, a moving Welsh folk song and the recitation of a list of babies remembered there. All those babies had been stillborn or died in the neo-natal period (that’s about the first 28 days after birth).

After the main of the service had finished attendees were invited to take a balloon each and dedicate it to a baby they had lost. This being done, the balloons were released to the sky. Cake and fizzy drinks followed, and even Santa made an appearance to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Thanks to SANDS volunteers, families who lose babies have someone to lean on and talk to in a time of grief. You can find more information about SANDS at The Wanganui sands team can be contacted at

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November 9, 2010

How to find a baby photographer

Wherever you are in the developed world, you can probably find a specialist baby photographer for your area on this website:


September 22, 2010

My Little Button Baby Plan

The Little Button Baby Plan is a combination of 5 portrait sessions that take place in your little one’s first year.

I photograph baby at each precious stage and provide you with a complimentary 5″x7″ print (valued at $46 each, or $230 all together). Additional framed or canvas prints will be available for purchase.

Your investment for this service is $900 – a saving of 10% on separately booked sessions.

Of this, 50% is payable at the newborn session and the remaining 50% is payable at the 6 month session. At the end of the 12 months you’ll have the option to purchase a beautiful, handcrafted album that contains a selection of portraits showcasing your baby’s first year – the ultimate baby album!

The Sessions

NEWBORN – Best before baby is 2 weeks old so I can capture his/her curly, sleepy, newness.

3 MONTHS – Full of smiles and wonder.

6 MONTHS – Sitting and super smiley! – One of my favorite ages.

9 MONTHS – Crawling and discovering a whole new world.

12 MONTHS – Standing, walking, giggling explorers.

This package is wonderful value and an unparalleled way to document your precious bub’s start to life.

Call to book on 021 490 202

N.B. Travel to some areas will incur additional charges.

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