Your Photographer

I’m Phillippa. I’m a photographer who likes people. I love babies, identify with mums, and I’m a sap for a good love story. I’m also a theatre nut, literature buff and sometime woodwind instrumentalist.

I love stories – on stage, in a good novel, or told in music or images. Everyone has one. Who’s telling yours?

I prefer the look of photographs shot on film so that’s predominantly what I do. Some would say that makes me a ‘hold-out’ some a ‘purist’. I just think I know what I like and how I get my best results.

In keeping with my use of traditional film and film cameras, I also choose to provide high quality, handcrafted product wherever possible. My wall prints are framed locally and my albums are handcrafted by Queensberry and will be delivered direct from my hands to yours.

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