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December 10, 2011

My top question?

In any role/job that one has one can be asked a myriad of questions. Some are more interesting than most. Some are more common than most. Some are down right boring.

This is probably the question I’m asked most often:

Q. Do you offer files on disk?

A. No, I don’t. But before you dismiss me off-hand please understand that I do this for your benefit.

If I sent you home with a disk you’d have nothing to hang on your wall, nothing to leaf through. If I sent you home with a disk you would have to go to the trouble of getting the files to a printer and getting the prints home. You would also have to decide which photographs you would like in which sizes etc, without the aid of a professional to help you. A photograph that looks good in 5×7 inches may not look wonderful in 20×24 inches and vice versa. I can relieve you of the hassle and offer advice on your selections.

Secondly, I have access to printing, mounting and album options that you may not be aware of, let alone be able to take advantage of. Doesn’t it make sense to make use of the best resources available to you?

In short, I offer a better service by helping you take home a finished product and memories that are easy to enjoy.

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