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January 24, 2011

Please forgive me if I cry a little.

Today, I feel unfocused. I should have plenty of things to do but I can’t think what they are. My Grandmother is dying. Sometimes I feel like my life is full of days spent waiting for things to happen to me and around me. Today I’m waiting. I’m waiting for news from our estate agent and I’m waiting for news from the rest home.

I’m waiting for something to prompt me to action. There’s an awkward period when someone is in their last days. When do you go? How do you get there? Can I make it down there at all?

I remember, recently, my sisters and I were looking through some old photographs with Mum. The only photographs that I remember at this moment are the portraits of Grandma. They were taken when she was a young nurse. Just head and shoulder shots. In some of them she wore her nursing uniform, in others she didn’t. They were quite formal and she looked a bit stiff, or, at least, not at ease. But I’m glad she had them taken. I imagine they were poignant then for my sister who became a nurse. They’ll be special for all of us now.

I think I have a snapshot somewhere of my last visit to her. I’m not sure where to find it though. I guess if I keep looking it’ll turn up. Then, perhaps, I’ll make a special album page just for her.

January 21, 2011

My birthday is coming up shortly and my Mum just asked me if I’d thought what I might like. So, I got to thinking . . .


A buyer for our house. It really is time to move on.

Plane tickets to Christchurch. I haven’t seen my relatives there for a shamefully long time.

$100,000 or a winning lotto ticket.

A Canon 5D Mark III with 100mm macro lens.


I’m not hard to please . . really :p

January 4, 2011

“All Our Babies”

On December 12th I was honoured to document the SANDS Wanganui 10th annual memorial service.

I trucked up to Aramoho cemetery where I failed to find the right spot, remaining a little lost for a full 10min – it’s not even that big a cemetery!

The SANDS committee had erected a gazebo and decorated the tables with really beautiful Christmas decorations. They had scores of balloons and cake to mark the occasion. The service proceeded with a couple of readings, a moving Welsh folk song and the recitation of a list of babies remembered there. All those babies had been stillborn or died in the neo-natal period (that’s about the first 28 days after birth).

After the main of the service had finished attendees were invited to take a balloon each and dedicate it to a baby they had lost. This being done, the balloons were released to the sky. Cake and fizzy drinks followed, and even Santa made an appearance to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Thanks to SANDS volunteers, families who lose babies have someone to lean on and talk to in a time of grief. You can find more information about SANDS at The Wanganui sands team can be contacted at

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